Nu Barreto

Born in 1966 in São Domingos, northern part of Guinea Bissau and leaving in Paris since 1989, Nù Barreto is primarily interested in photography. He was initially trained at the AEP School of Photography in Paris. He will then resume training at the Ecole nationale des Metiers de l'image des Gobelins in Paris, where he completed his photographic studies in 1996.

His mixed technics, unites drawing, collage, recycling integrates the spectator into the artistic process through the use of painting, photography, drawing and video.

Nù draws attention to the many scourges (poverty, suffering, discrimination, etc.) that are rampant on the African Continent through the use of strong symbols expressed in forms, colors and motifs.

His works traveled the world (Germany, Brazil, China, Spain, France, Macao, Portugal, Senegal) . his talent and works are internationally recognized since his First exhibitions in 1997.

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