Signs of power

Signs of power

02.03 - 29.04.2017

In ancient Greece, man and city showed their piety with sculptures considered as the artistic expression of the Gods. Phidias, Greek sculptor (438 BC) had the reputation of being the only man who knew the image of the Gods that he revealed to men with his sculptures. African statuary may be assimilated to this belief because it is also perceived as being of divine essence, assuring liturgical functions as a receptacle of sacred powers.

Modern African sculptors have freed themselves from this mystical charge of their work, Charly d'Almeida claims it. He creates his faces and sculptures from recovered materials and introduces religious signs of Benin, his native country. Iron and wood are the referents.

Remembering the African doxa of the "SAKOFA" Charly d'Alméida is convinced that he cannot move forward if he forgets the past. He knows where he comes from, remembers his childhood bathed in an environment where religion is omnipresent. His creations are a subtle experience that does not stem from ready-made shapes. With raw materials he creates these forms; his hand bending to the requirements of his imagination.

Charly d'Almeida decided to talk about his culture and of his ancestral beliefs in his work. One way to keep his inner balance. His expression is rooted deep in the cults and rituals that surround him since his youngest age. Through the canvases and sculptures of "Signs of Power", marked by a strong symbolism, the artist affirms his cultural affiliation, his identity and, fully in his role as witness of his time, expresses the various feelings of the society he belongs to.

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