Matiére Transparente

Matiére Transparente*

12.06.2018 - 01.26.2019

Most of the images, shapes, and colors that we perceive are revealed to us, not by the existence of matter; but rather by the effects of the absence of this matter ... What exists is perceptible only because of what we do not see! The invisible material, in its transparency, constitutes this elusive element which, by its very nature, favors creation, construction and exchange. To think about it, all that is our universe, is articulated around the absence of matter ...

Let there be light !

Alun Be & Jean Servais Somian have really captured it, it is indeed the existing immaterial, which characterizes and brings together the beings, which fills the distance between the matter itself and which by an inexplicable exchange of vital energy , reunited those who must be in an ultimate goal of creation. As far as they are concerned, it is about creation and artistic composition; but do not we say in the end that everything is art!

One is a training architect and photographer, and the other craftsman designer and creator of unique objects. On both sides, the pure lines they photograph or sculpt, reveal in the magic of their know-how, light as we should want it in everyday life. Sometimes diffuse, and sometimes incredibly noisy, it titillates our eye in the piercing gaze of a woman with the power revealed and assumed ... Elie still walks lightly, on the curves of carved wood embellished with the mysticism of the cowries thrown by a expertly ... as if to predict the future of a continent that expresses itself!

Grab the elusive ...

Photography and sculpture are the two mediums of expression through which our favorite artists have decided to reveal the light. Together, accomplices, each in an expression of its own, the two men take the time, they learn to tame the unspeakable! Tonight they created and it is this enigmatic highlighting of the nonexistent that two, welded by the transparent material, they offer you to experiment.

You will see it for yourself: "Once the form is highlighted, and when we physically perceive it, what is most important is revealed". It is therefore time to give way to the effects of emptiness, so that the light is more conducive to its own expression.

From this moment, we must be consciously attentive to the occupation of space. Affect each other, let the immaterial fill the voids in us and around us. Let us sublimate our beings, in a world where, in appearance, the visible and the obvious often take over the essential ... what we do not see.

The gravitational attraction created around "Transparent Matter", in the environment of the Louis Simone Guirandou Gallery, will hopefully generate self-awareness and motivate a collective consciousness.

* A'Lean

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  • From: 20 July 2019
  • To: 20 July 2019
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