Hélène Bondurand Lallemand

Born in Algeria, Hélène spent her childhood in Réunion and in Ivory Coast. She began her artistic studies at the National Institute of Arts in Abidjan (INA) and she finished at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts of Aix en Provence. Hélène settled down in France, but she never cut ties with Ivory Coast. She lives and works between both countries.
“A foot on all horizons and my head in the studio, from these wanderings remains my fascination for humanity” (Hélène Bondurand-Lallemand)
Painting, material, lines, stains, drips, a monologue behind closed doors to tend toward one truth: swing on the emotion’s thread, alternate laughter and tears, cherish flaws and weaknesses, to catch the imperfections, and to portray the deep humanity inside of us. She enlightens the extraordinary in the ordinary, glorifies the mediocre or desacralizes the icons. A direct but subtle work, which can’t leave insensitive. Where violence serves the tenderness, the forms brutality and the brilliance of the colors unite to unmask the protagonists and reveal them as we are.

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