Charly d’Almeida

Born in 1968 in Cotonou (Benin) and after four years spent in the arts studio of Joseph Kpobly (1957-2005), Charly , a visual artist, decided to highlight his culture and his ancestral beliefs in his work. A way for him to keep his inner balance. He exhibits his paintings since the early 1990s. Later, his encounter with Willy Bester convinced him to convert to sculpture "I was looking for another way to translate my feelings, a more physical, more carnal expression (...)” – he says.

After a long stay in France, he returned to his native country and set up his workshop in Cotonou where he now lives and works. His works are an invitation to an imaginary journey through the colors and symbols of Africa. He combines metal and wood with pigments of his canvases, metals with plastic for his sculptures and creates his own style which calls for its roots deep inside African cults and rites.

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